3D Printing Inventory Assessment

Using proprietary plant audit tools,  modified for 3D Printing assessment,  Joe will work with you to walk down your plant and tooling storeroom and inventory and provide an assessment and TCO analysis of what is 3D printable.

3D Printing Migration Project Management

Once we know what to print,  there is a migration project to be managed assuming the ROI to execute is there.   Joe’s managed projects in 3D printing ranging from 4-60+ printers and from $4 to $20M.

Independent TCO analysis of 3D Printing Spend

Selecting 3D printers for your ultimate production fleet is a big investment, with a lot of risk.  Joe’s been there, and can reduce the risk by selecting the proper value drivers, cost drivers and activities for a good TCO analysis of the 3D printers you are considering.

Next Steps…

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